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Two lessons from a genius entrepreneur

How could an awesome idea like “Campfire Cologne” not be successful? It’s like bacon soap…just too cool not to buy. But sadly, the idea did not succeed. Listen to this interview to find out why, don’t let campfire cologne die in vain. Sacha De’Angeli has created some amazing products and ideas. In this interview he […]

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Building Battle Bots and Rockets in New Jersey

Have you ever wanted to build your own battle robot or electronics but don’t have the tools? If so, you want to check out this interview with Rick Anderson one of the founders of FUBAR labs in New Jersey. New Jersey’s FIRST hackerspace. Rick’s main project right now is Fubarino…a ChipKit compatible pic32 board he’s going […]

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Focus on the right type of customer

Is your business serving the right customer? Ever wondered what you can do with a laser cutter? I interview Jason Cross of FabLabATX and The Peculiar Form about how he built a laser cutting service out of his garage. A few of things we discuss: Why focusing on the right customer is crucial to building […]

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Stop putting off your idea and just get started

There is no way to perfect your idea without actually launching it. Laura Bruland of Yes & Yes Designs learned this lesson when she started making laser cut jewelry at her local TechShop in San Francisco. She had seen laser cut jewelry before and wanted to create her own when she found out about TechShop. […]

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How to turn your passion into a hardware business

Following your passion can be a great way to build a sustainable business. But how do you get started? I interview Brian Burling of eMotimo about how he used an engineering degree and a passion for photography into a unique product loved by professionals and consumers alike. What does eMotimo build? Motion control devices for […]

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How to prototype a niche product on a budget

Prototyping your product used to take months (or years) and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Not anymore. Colour Cartel is perfecting a LED light panel for electric guitars which is loved by musicians (and pretty much anyone who sees it in action). Find out how they’ve rapidly built dozens of prototypes in a fraction […]

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How to build your own personal satellite

Have you ever wanted to build your own personal satellite but your last name doesn’t start with Gates or Branson? Well, now there’s good news. For the price of a car you can now build, test and launch your own personal satellite at home. Dr. Sandy Antunes, Author of DIY Satellite Platform, talks about building […]

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Why being open about your product will help your company

Would you tell people about your idea before you even had a working prototype? John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen (founder of Hidden Radio) did and received great PR because of it. While most entrepreneurs hide their ideas away where no one can see them, John took a different approach. Sharing his innovative idea for a mobile […]

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How to use TechShop to launch your business

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own product, but didn’t know where to start then you need to check out TechShop. I interviewed Michael Madsen who designed and built his own 4 bay iPad charger thanks in part to the tools and skills available through TechShop. His product also doubles as a synching device, […]

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Mojave Makerspace – How to build a place to make cool stuff

What happens when rocket scientists get together in their spare time? Michael Clive builds rockets during the day and makerspaces at night. And this is no ordinary makerspace, it’s in the “Silicon Valley of Space”..also known as Mojave, California. Find out how Michael gained support for this unique water hole in the desert and some […]

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