Phonesat-Satellites powered by an Android Smartphone

Did you know your smartphone is more powerful than most computers in space right now? A few smart folks at NASA realized this as well and thought…hey…why don’t we turn a Phone into a satellite. And so Phonesat was born. NASA is taking Google Android phones and turning them into cheap spacecraft. And by cheap I mean […]

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Where is Space?

Have you ever wondered where space begins? You’re not alone. To help answer “where is space?” I spoke with Andrew Rush, Space Lawyer and author of The results may surprise you. Turns out, nobody can really agree on where it starts and that was before governments got involved. Seriously…Where is Space? Ask any four […]

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How to build your own personal satellite

Have you ever wanted to build your own personal satellite but your last name doesn’t start with Gates or Branson? Well, now there’s good news. For the price of a car you can now build, test and launch your own personal satellite at home. Dr. Sandy Antunes, Author of DIY Satellite Platform, talks about building […]

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