Design and testing are the easy steps

What happens if your product becomes successful? Can you ramp up production to meet orders while still making a quality product? Brian Riley and his team spent months designing a new braking system for bikes. This presented unique challenges, innovative thinking and a focus on safety. While his team understands that frequent iterations and feedback […]

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Why building a hardware startup is easier than ever

Share this interview on twitter In this interview I talk with Jeremy Conrad, co-founder of Lemnos Labs. This Silicon Valley incubator specializes in hardware startups. Jeremy used is background in Mechanical Engineering and the Air Force to help create the eco-system to support a new wave of startups – those focused on actually building something. […]

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Experience the joy of Making with Dale Dougherty

Transcript Dale Dougherty: I’m Dale Dougherty and I am the founder of MAKE magazine and creative Maker Faire. I live in Sebastopol, California and I am happy to be here and talk to you. Steve: Fantastic. Thank you for joining us. How long has MAKE magazine and Maker Faire been around? Dale: Sure. MAKE magazine […]

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